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For information about our Corporate Sponsorship Program, advertising on our website, to contact a representative of Puna Canoe Club, or if you have questions or concerns regarding our website, please feel free to contact us at the following.

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 10724 Hilo, HI 96721


89 Comments so far:

  1. Hi,

    I am wondering when we could come and see what the Puna Canoe Club is all about. I have two daughters (16 and 13) who are interested in the club, but have never paddled before.

    Mahalo, Katie Sheffield

  2. faith caraycroft says:

    I paddle for Manu O Ke Kai and would like to ask if your club has a canoe that we can borrow for the Queen’s Race? We will gladly pay for the use of your canoe. Keahou and Kai Opua are filled with request and may not be able to help us. Please call me at 638-5663 or 371-2532. Or can I have a contact number from your club?
    Mahalo Faith

  3. Frank says:


    My wife and I just moved here from Oahu. I am interesting in getting some information about boat storage. What is the process and is there room available for 1 one man canoe?

    Mahalo for your time,

  4. Chella says:

    My husband and I are interested in joining your club. I wanted to find out what time the novice A men and womens divisions practice. Also , do you have a recreational paddling time? We are also interested in storing our one man at your halau.


  5. Arian Pierce says:

    I would love to become a member and would like to know what this means . I also want to store my canoe at the storage you have . I noticed it looks like I can pay now on line . Is there space ? Dying to get started got this info from one of your members Trevella . My name is Arian Pierce my number is 345-2778 . Can’t wait to hear from you .
    Does the group every do trips to other islands ; Had friends that just kayaked for 5 day on the isolated coast of Kauai !

  6. Dona Ziegler says:

    Please contact me regarding the purchase of a team jersey. I paddle in Maui and we visited your booth at States. This is my second request. 951-440-7783

  7. Michelle Crookes says:

    My Name is Michelle Crookes. We lived in Hilo and my son Andrew and I paddled for Puna the 2000 Regatta season. I was the one with the double pink jog stroller……Anyway…We live in Washington state now but are coming to visit Hilo. I am trying to convince my kids to move back (lol) My younger ones (that were in the stroller) are now 10 and 11. I was wondering if we could paddle during a practice when we are there. It would be great fun for us. Please let me know if this is a possibility. Nov. 3~17.

  8. Phil Maise says:

    Hi, I paddled Novice B and met many that were interested if I purchased a sailboat…well….I’m in the Marshall Islands and just bought a huge sail boat and need help to sail it to Thailand.

    Contact me if you have a year to tour SE Asia for scuba, surfing, sailing, etc.


  9. Karen says:

    Aloha. When does the next paddle season start for 2009-2010?

  10. Carmen says:

    Aloha At what age do you start with the kids

  11. Jon says:

    Look for a used OC 1? Any of your members selling one?

  12. cagorastos says:

    My husband is 6’5″ and he has a polaris that would fit someone 6′ and taller. He is asking $1600 – price negotiable. Contact him if interested at 640-8176. His name is Nick Agorastos.


  13. cagorastos says:

    Keiki competition racing starts at age 12. But the first “fun” race of the day is Specials. These keiki’s are 8 to 10 years of age. Sometimes younger…as long as parents are available to be at beach side to cheer them along. =) Waivers must be signed and keiki’s must be able to swim. If not they will have to wear a flotation device.


    PS – Sorry if this is such a late response to your inquiry.

  14. cagorastos says:

    We will announce the next General membership meeting on the website and in the paper. At this meeting we will give a “start date” for practices.


    PS – sorry if this is a late response First race of the season is 5/8/10

  15. Ryan Nakamura says:

    I am interested in joining for this season. I come from Windward Kai from Oahu and talked to Joe Kalima and he said I will be in the Novice B mens even though I was in Novice B Mixed (for only one race then went open mixed). Where do I send my forms and when is the next General membership meeting?

  16. Hinano says:

    Are you still recruiting? I have a 14 year old son, never paddled before. If you are recruiting how can we sign up?

  17. Victor Haile says:

    I would like to purchase 6 Puna canoe club t shirts with the logo on the back xxl and color (s) other than white if you have them. Please give me a call 520-888-3750 ask for Karin or Chris. Thank You.

  18. Raene Aki says:

    We would be delighted to have your son join our youth program. Boys will begin their practices on Monday, 3/15 at 3:30 – 5:00 pm. Please look for me. Mahalo for your interest in Puna Canoe Club.

    P.S. We encourage parents to sign up too 🙂

  19. jpadayao says:

    The kids started practicing on the 15th of March. Please feel free to bring your son down. Practices are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday for the boys at 3:30 till 5pm at Puna canoe club halau on Hilo bay. Anyone there will be happy to assist you there. The boys coach is Joe Kalima. Mahalo!@Hinano

  20. cagorastos says:

    Howzit Ryan if you are still interested, the first Men’s Novice practice is this Wednesday March 24th at 4:45pm.
    Ask for Afa when you come down to the beach. Bring friends =)
    aloha Cherisse

  21. MONICA says:

    Hi! I just wanted to ask if you are excepting new members in the kids division? i have a daughter that is going to be 12 in May and she has not paddled before but is very interested in starting.

  22. Michele' says:

    Aloha Monica,

    Yes, we’re just starting w/ the girls. They’re practices are Mon, Wed, Thur 3:30-5:00. All new paddlers welcome. Bring your daughter down to Puna Canoe Club halau at Hilo Bay. Coach Raene and I are coaching the girls. Hope to see you down there!



  23. Victor Haile says:

    We’re going to Big Island last week of May 2010. I would like to buy 3 or 4 xxl T shirts with Puna logo on back. Can someone call me 520-888-3750, or 520-984-3281. My e-mail is Thank You.

  24. Jessica says:

    Sorry Coach Nick that Katy and I didn’t make it tonight. We thought over what you said and want to try out for the team next year so we get in the practice before the season starts. We both have prior commitments this summer so we would miss practices and don’t want to let the team down. Thanks again for the opportunity to paddle with the Puna team.

  25. Karlan says:

    Just wondering what your practice schedule is? I am interested in joining at the next season as I believe this one is nearly pau.

  26. Kim says:

    I’m a Marina paddler and am looking for a senior Molokai team. My cell is (310) 722-4200
    Please pass on!

  27. Debra says:

    Aloha, where can I purchse some Puna Canoe Club patagonia shirts? 970-484-4687. Thanks!

  28. paul campbell says:

    I’m going on 61, in great shape and want to paddle to stay that way. What opportunities do you have?

  29. goog says:

    gidday guys just wondering how i would go about purchasing a couple of club t shirts and get them mailed back to aussie?cheers

  30. pamela adams says:

    Hi- I am wondering if I can buy one of your Puna club t-shirts long or short sleeve.
    I am in CA, Tamalpais Outrigger Canoe Club in Sausalito, CA.
    I like your club’s name, as it’s my dog’s name.
    Maybe one day I’ll come for a visit to the Big Island and have a paddle with your club.
    Let me know cost and I’ll mail you a check for the shirt!

  31. Bibbi Lee says:

    I’d like to speak with someone regarding membership and rack storage.

  32. Bob Reinarz says:

    @paul campbell
    My husband is 73 and would still be paddling if we could have stayed in Hawaii. He has an almost new Hoku’ula for sale for $1900. Beautiful blue color – really a nice canoe. (830) 324-6659

  33. Justin Scharf says:

    I want to get into paddling can some further info on the minors club be given to me im 14 and a great athlete wanting to try and see what i can do in the padding world Email me

  34. Donna Pabre says:


    I am publishing a new newspaper, South Point Messenger, due out in May and I would like to do a story on Afa and Puna CC. Or better yet, would someone like to write an article for the season? My paper will be distributed island wide. I also have a strong Hawaiian theme and would love anything cultural. And, if you know anyone else who has great mana’o to share, by all means pls give them my email and phone number. Pls think about it and see what ideas you come up with and call me to talk story at 640-7463. Mahalo nui.

  35. Cherisse Agorastos says:

    Practice has started so come on down. Meet with Coach Joe & Jeremy they are at Puna Canoe Club Halau Monday thru Thursday from 3:30pm to 5:00pm

  36. Leah Floan says:

    Hi, I’m new to the island and am very interested in getting involved with a paddle team. I’m 28 and have only paddled recreationally before. Is it to late to join a team? I appreciate your help!

  37. Mike Cesaletti says:

    Aloha it’s Mike…remember me? Still living in Ca and was wondering if I could purchase 3 club t-shirts or tanks from you guys. Let me know, you can reach me by email or at 661-526-8220

  38. Aloha and Mahalo for taking the time to read this and hopefully reply to me. I’m a 68 year old clinical psychologist, semi retired due to chronic back pain, can only work 2 days. I’m also an abstract painter and author. I’m writing because one of my patients told me that you or some of the other clubs sometimes rent out space where I could store my 11ft kayak. I love the ocean and kayaking really helps relieve my back pain.

    If I could find some place, locked, to leave my kayak there it would be a hugh benefit to me, as my back pain most of the time currently keeps me from being able to load my kayak on my car.

    In addition to cash rent fees, I could give any of your members a copy of any of my images on my site at just my cost.

    Mahalo for your consideration of my request. If you can’t or don’t do this type of thing, could you tell me where I might find somewhere else to look?

  39. Saunoa Liva says:


    I would like to purchase Puna Canoe Club shirts. It would benefit the club to establish a link on your website to purchase club items. Mahalo and good luck for the Saturday Aug. 13 race! Saunoa

  40. lupe garcia says:

    my 12 daughter wants to learn and be involved in conoe team. can you help me find the right information to get her involved. we live in pahoa
    916 764 2677
    lupe and malea

  41. Mia says:

    I have a race medal from 1980. I received it as a participant. It is nice although means nothing to me and I’d mail it to the club if it is something you’d like to have for the archives. It is round 1.25″ diameter, gold color with a tree, has some green enamel and says 1980 women’s koa div on the back. Please advise

  42. Chuck Shaver says:

    I’m looking for an old 6 man canoe hull and heard that Puna Canoe Club may have what I’m looking for. I would purchase the canoe if you folks have anything that needed repair or is just laying around.

  43. Bob Lovin says:

    Aloha Puna C. C.
    I was a Keauhou paddler for several years in the early 90’s and am thinking of getting back into it! I moved to Hilo last year.
    If Afa is reading this, or hears of it, he may remember me. I was on the Master’s team that kicked Kai Opua’s butt in ’91 & ’92. In ’93 I did the 4 man with Kenny Powell, 2nd place in States behind Kai Opua’s crew, by .67 sec.!!!
    Anyways, I am curious if there are any boats going out on Saturdays or during the week? I am semi-retired now, so my schedule is pretty open.
    I’ve tried to contact Afa through a number I was given by the owner of the Hilo Bay Paddling Co., left messages, but no return call!!!!
    PLease reply! Mahalos, Bob

  44. Margaret Rose says:

    We are members of the Kawaihae Canoe Club. If anyone knows of an OC2 for sale please call Margaret at 541-480-8550 or email

  45. lupe garcia says:

    my daughter Malea is 12 and attends Kua O Ka La charter school…she has a few friends who are paddlers with puna canoe club. we are interested in joining 2012 season! please send me all the info i need to get Malea started!

  46. My son Lancen who is 15,was wondering if w

    as able to join.he did do Kamehameha last was his first time which he really enjoyed.if possible let me know.thanks a bunch.

  47. Christopher says:

    Aloha, I was at pohiki beach the other day, and saw a man with a small outrigger canoe, He said that I could get a used one for $250, Where can I find a used one to purchase? I am just starting out so I am not sure if I want to belong to a club, I will most likely slow the canoe down!! Mahalo for your time, looking for a used small outrigger, Christopher.

  48. Hana Mahoe says:

    I’m wanting to get more info on the canoe hale! I’m looking into signing my kaikamahine up in Paddling. She has no experience in paddling but comes from a line of PADDLERS, she is a SOLID swimmer for her age, and she is meant to be in the ocean… Could someone please give me a call or email the info on joining….

    **When does canoe practice start/schedules/fees, etc. ?

    Mahalo Nui Loa,
    Hana Mahoe

  49. Destiny Akiona says:

    Aloha! My name is destiny akiona and i was thinking about paddling this year with my friend Vanessa.I am a good swimmer.I have good grades in school.I was born to swim :).I have never been in a paddling club.But anyways thank you for your time..I would like it if someone would all me or email me @
    My # is 1808-854-3772
    i would like to also know when schedules/practices start/fees and other.
    Mahalo,Destiny Akiona

  50. Cherisse Agorastos says:

    Aloha Destiny,
    Sorry for the late response. We have just started paddling this season. Monday, Wednesday, Friday adults at 5pm. Keiki or young adults Mon thru Friday from 330pm

    A hui hou!

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